Morning Reflections

There is much in our life we are celebrating as victory in this season. But still there are moments of such pain. Judah had another rough night. Chad and I sat on the floor of his room consoling him in the night trying to determine the cause for his tears….. brain/seizure activity? bad dream? tummy hurt? joints hurt?
After many many tries to get him back to bed, Chad decided to stay up and let him soak in a warm bath. He encouraged me to climb back in bed and rest for the OTHER baby, growing in my belly!
Honesty moment, I had to allow some tears to flow and share my heart with the Lord a bit before I could fall asleep. What we do each day is hard. Not being able to fix your child with your own abilities is hard. Not understanding their needs is hard. Waking up in the night is hard….. knowing another little one is arriving soon who will ALSO wake in the night is hard!! Beautiful and exciting to welcome little Selah….a child we know has a calling…but still can feel hard.
Motherhood truly is the journey out of self-centeredness…that’s the truth.
Times like last night, in those moments of heart pain, I allow my emotions to show for my Father…. I share my heart and get back to that place of rest…seated with Him, His heart, His love, His comfort, His perspective, His pleasure and delight. I’m His daughter. And just like I long for my children to share their hearts with me and find comfort in me when they need to be held. I believe He longs for us do that as well.

“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God.”


4 thoughts on “Morning Reflections

  1. Hi Judah’s momma!
    I too have a miracle son named Judah! He was born with many complications and not expected to live husband first week of life. We were told he’d not make his first birthday…etc…etc. We are so incredibly grateful to God that Judah just turned 1 years old this month!!! I love searching the Internet for miracle testimonies so I searched “Judahs healing” as I knew there had to be little Judahs out there in the world who were also experiencing daily miracles from Gods hands. Sure enough I found your site. Reading your words feels a little like I’m reading my own. So many of the things you say you’ve felt…I’ve felt in our journey with our Judah.

    Just wanted to say that my little Judah and I just said prayers for a complete and total healing for your Judah. Gods heart for us is life and life to the full so I believe Judah will have it. In Jesus name.

    Judahs mommy

    • oh my goodness! how am I just now seeing your comment?!!! I’m so sorry!! I love that you too have a Judah. We’ve come to meet so many who are also contending for healing. Thank you for praying for our Judah. I’m excited to link in faith for yours as well!!! I’d love to hear more of your story!!!

  2. I stumbled upon your website, amazingly, as I was googling my church Family Worship Center. Your family is so beautiful and your story is amazing. I come in agreement with you for everything you are believing to come to pass for Judah. I will pray for you and your family. He is so beautiful! I just know that God has great plans for your son!

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