100th Dive

Last night we completed Judah’s 100th dive in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber.  What a great feeling!

We continue to see improvements every single week.  Glory to God!  The most noticeable improvement has been hearing Judah imitate sounds.  He’s giving kisses and imitating the sounds animals make.   The other night I said, “ha, ha, ha” and Judah copied it perfectly.  It’s so much fun!  And it shows just how much potential Judah truly does have.  All things are possible!  We believe it!

Another improvement – Judah is not as sensory defensive in his mouth.  He’s putting his toys and fingers into his mouth.  One of our therapists recently gave us a little vibrator used in speech therapy.  This morning he grabbed it out of my hand and put it in his own mouth.  He allowed it to sit on his tongue for about 5 seconds and then giggled.  This is a huge improvement!  And a necessary one for him to be able to tolerate textured  foods.

This morning we had a great appointment with our pediatrician.  Our Dr. commented he felt that Judah was at 7 or 8 months in development.  I was a little surprised by his remark.  For months and months Judah had been at about 3 months in development.  For some reason it hadn’t crossed my mind that he had moved up on the charts.  So the Dr. pulled up the checklist for 9 month development onto his computer.  Judah passed almost half of the questions.  He then pulled up the checklist for 6 month development.  I was able to answer “YES” to every question on that list!  It was such a fantastic feeling!  While this is still a 12 month delay, it is progress.  And for that, I am thankful!

Here are our biggest prayer requests right now.

*Judah will enjoy textures and be able to swallow them.

*He will learn to pick up food with his fingers and and to learn how to self-feed.

*He will learn to drink from a bottle or a cup.

*His balance will improve and he will be able to sit unassisted.

*He will desire to move!   He will enjoy being on his tummy and discovering how to scoot around the room.

*The movement in his eyes will cease.  His vision will improve.


“As soon as I pray, you answer me; you encourage me by giving me strength.”  Psalm 138:3


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