Tummy Time!

We are so excited to share another victory!! Ok, first off, please ignore the messy home (the girls are building forts) and ignore the two kids bickering in the background. But! Look at this!! Judah has not liked being on his tummy! At all! For months and months, when we’d put him on his tummy he’d resist, cry, and roll right back to his back. But today when none of us were near him he decided to experiment – he rolled to his belly and stayed put for awhile. You can see him start to roll a few times, but decide to stay on his tummy awhile longer!! This is such a big deal! Happy tears here!!


One thought on “Tummy Time!

  1. Praise God!!
    So exciting! I love how videos show real family life. You can’t block the mess or “background noise”!!
    So happy for Judah!! He looks so strong…pushing himself up with his arms!!

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