Get Your Paci!

Judah’s brain hemorrhages greatly affected his vision; not only his ability to see, but his ability to understand what he saw.  For instance, when I’d show him his pacifier he’d sometimes notice it, but could not recognize what it was.  It held no meaning to him so he did not reach for it.  But if I shook the pacifier, he’d hear the sound of the handle clicking and look for it with his right hand.  And if I’d rub the pacifier on his arm he’d recognize it by touch and find it.  It’s truly amazing how his other senses made up the difference where his vision lacked.  For almost two years we’ve practiced holding the pacifier in front of Judah’s eyes and asking him if he wanted it.  We knew that some day he’d SEE the pacifier, KNOW what it was, and REACH for it.

That day came this week!!  Praise God for His healing power!!  We’re having so much fun holding Judah’s paci in different places to test where he can see it and whether he’ll reach for it.  We are watching Judah’s healing unfold right before our eyes!

Then will the eyes of the blind be opened and the ears of the deaf unstopped.  Isaiah 35:5


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