200!!!  200!!!  Can you believe it?!  Today at 6:30 am I climbed into the chamber for our 200th dive!  Amazing!!  In less than 6 months we’ve spent approximately 400 hours in the chamber.

Some doctors and therapists have told us not to expect too many results before completing 200 dives; but to expect our best improvements post 200 dives.  We are already so thrilled with the improvements we have seen in Judah; and we fully expect to see continued progress in our little man.  God is at work!

The most notable changes we see in Judah are:

* He can see!  The changes we have seen in Judah’s eye sight have been amazing!!  He recognizes us, scans the room, and looks at his toys.  It’s thrilling to our hearts!  On top of that, MY eyes have improved!  My contact lens prescription has reduced and the astigmatism in my eyes is GONE!  Praise the Lord!


Reaching for a book in vision therapy

* He transitions to change easier.


Judah loved the beach! He even enjoyed touching the sand with his fingers.

* His overall disposition is happier.


This little boy LOVES his Daddy!

* He desires to move!  It is a joy to see Judah strive to move across the floor ~ to roll to his tummy and dig his toes in the carpet in effort to move forward.


Learning so much with Mrs. Josie.

* He’s rolling SO WELL in every direction.

Look how far he went! 🙂

* He’s interested in toys!  In the past Judah only liked toys that made an interesting noise because he was so dependent on his hearing and not his vision.  These days Judah will grab anything he can find (a piece of cloth, a teddy bear, a plastic bowl, a blanket, or a toy) and hold it up in front of his eyes to look at it.

Playing with foil in vision therapy. :)

Playing with foil in vision therapy. 🙂

* Not only will Judah look at the toy, he’ll then put it in his mouth.  This is a great step to eventually learn to chew and eat textures.  I’m so happy to see him explore textures (and fingers) with his mouth.

looking at his teddy bear

looking at his teddy bear

*Judah babbles!  We love his little voice.  Sometimes it’s as if he’s carrying on a little conversation with us.  SO FUN!  He can say hi, dada, mama, doodah (repeats when we tell him to say Judah), stinky, yucky, ya or yes, and shake his head no. And many times a day he is imitating our sounds.  When we sing to him he’ll often try to sing along.  I love it! 🙂

Throughout the day, it’s common to hear Judah calling for Daddy. 🙂

Today I told Judah to say, “Ha, ha, ha! ” He repeated perfectly!  Next I said, “Say Ho, ho, ho!” And he repeated perfectly!  He’s learning EVERY day!  And he’s interacting with others more and more.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, to all of you who made the dream of purchasing this hyperbaric oxygen chamber a reality.  You are all a part of these victories!!

Here’s a little clip of our celebration in the chamber this morning. 🙂 “Weeeeee!!!”

But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. I Cor. 15:57


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