Look what The Lord has done!


Here are some before and after pictures from Judah’s MRI.  In the back is the original MRI at 3 months old. On the front screen is the MRI from Wednesday. The white area that you see is fluid that filled in where the brain tissue died away. You’ll notice that in the original MRI there is a little bit of brain tissue in the frontal lobe, but the rest was gone. In the front picture you can see considerably less fluid and lots more brain tissue!!!!  Our doctor said Judah has grown almost 50% of his brain back!







Praise THE LORD!!!!!!!!!

And further good news is Judah’s vision has improved and his prescription was reduced! Oh Look What The Lord Has Done!!!!!!



Look what the Lord has done for me! Luke 1:25a


3 thoughts on “Look what The Lord has done!

  1. Hello. I found your blog via Blogelina. I was reading your post while listening to R.Kelly’s song “I’m the worlds greatest” that has been on my mind for the past 30min & became very emotional. I will continue to pray for your family that God continue to do awesome things. He is indeed getting the glory out of this situation. Your testimony is very power and will help & heal many. Keep the faith. Peace & many blessings.

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